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AMES, Charles Gordon, American Unitarian clergyman, editor and lecturer: b. Dorchester, Mass., 3 Oct. 1828; d. 15 April 1912. He was graduated at the Geauga Seminary, Ohio, and ordained in 1849 as a Free Baptist but later became a Unitarian and succeeded James Freeman Clarke as pastor of the Church of the Disciples, Boston. He was editor of the Minnesota Republican, the first Republican paper in the Northwest, in 1854, and the Christian Register of Boston, 1877-80. He wrote ‘George Eliot's Two Marriages’ (1886); ‘As Natural as Life’ (1894); ‘Poems’ (1898); ‘Sermons of Sunrise’ (1901); ‘Five Points of Faith’ (1903); etc. He was always deeply interested in social and philanthropic questions.