The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Bellamy, Edward

Edition of 1920. See also Edward Bellamy on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

BELLAMY, Edward, American author: b. Chicopee Falls, Mass., 29 March 1850; d. there, 22 May 1898. He was educated in Germany; admitted to the bar; was on the staff of the Evening Post of New York in 1871-72; and on his return from the Sandwich Islands in 1877, founded the Springfield News. He is best known by his novel ‘Looking Backward’ (1888), a socialistic work, of which an immense number of copies were sold in two years. This led to the formation of Nationalist clubs, in which work Mr. Bellamy took active part. His other books are ‘Six to One: a Nantucket Idyl’ (1878); ‘Dr. Heidenhoff's Process’ (1880): ‘Miss Ludington's Sister’ (1884); ‘Equality’ (1897); ‘The Duke of Stockbridge’ (1901), a sequel to ‘Looking Backward.’