The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Blind, Karl

Edition of 1920. See also Karl Blind on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

BLIND, blĭnt, Karl, German political agitator and writer on history, mythology and Germanic literature: b. Mannheim, 4 Sept. 1826; d. London, England, 31 May 1907. He was educated at Heidelberg and Bonn, and from his student days till he settled in England in 1852 he was continually engaged in agitating or in heading risings in the cause of German freedom and union, and was frequently imprisoned. The democratic propaganda was afterward supported by his pen; and he wrote political and biographical works: ‘Fire-burial Among Our Germanic Forefathers’; ‘Teutonic Cremation’; ‘Yggdrasil, or The Teutonic Tree of Existence’; biographies of Freiligrath, Ledru Rollin and Francis Deák.