The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Drake University

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DRAKE UNIVERSITY, a co-educational institution in Des Moines, Ia.; founded in 1881, under auspices of Church of Christ. It was named for Gen. Francis Marion Drake, its benefactor, whose gifts amounted to $230,000, and who served as president of the board of trustees from the board's organization until his death, 20 Nov. 1903. Linked with the name of Drake as founder, is the name of D. R. Lucas, through whose influence the institution was located in Des Moines, and that of George Thomas Carpenter, its first chancellor and the moving spirit of the new enterprise. Total assets of the university, $530,000. Available income about $90,000 annually. There are eight organized colleges; liberal arts, Bible, law, medicine, normal, conservatory of music, pharmacy, dentistry, also eight special schools. Enrolment for year 1915-16 was 1,466. General control is vested in board of trustees, composed of (1) life members; (2) members elected by Iowa Christian Convention; (3) members elected by Alumni Association. The president of the university, under direction of board, is head of the school.