The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Evans, Edward Payson

Edition of 1920. See also Edward Payson Evans on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

EVANS, Edward Payson, American author: b. Remsen, N. Y., 8 Dec. 1831. He graduated at the University of Michigan in 1854, where, after several years of teaching in Mississippi and Wisconsin, he was professor of modern languages and literatures in 1862-67. He has made a special study of Oriental languages; in 1884 became connected with the ‘Allgemeine Zeitung,’ of Munich in Europe, to which he contributed many articles on thee literary, artistic and intellectual life of the United States. He has published ‘Summary of the History of German Literature’ (1869); ‘Progressive German Reader’ (1870); ‘Animal Symbolism in Ecclesiastical Architecture’ (1896); ‘Evolutional Ethics and Animal Psychology’ (1898); ‘Beiträge zur Amerikanischen Litteratur und Kulturgeschichte’ (2 vols., 1898-1903); ‘The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punisnment of Animals’ (1906).