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GILMAN, Arthur, American educator: b. Alton, Ill., 22 June 1837; d. 28 Dec. 1910. He was engaged in banking in New York 1857-62, when he removed to Lenox, Mass., and devoted himself to literary and educational work until he went to Cambridge in 1870. He was the originator (1876) of the Harvard Annex, of which he became executive officer, and, upon its organization as Radcliffe College, regent. In 1886 he founded and became director of the Cambridge school for girls, known as the Gilman School. He edited Chaucer's works (1879) and other collections, collaborated in several volumes of the ‘Stories of the Nations’ series, and wrote a number of educational works, chiefly historical in character, such as ‘The Story of Rome’ (1886); ‘The Colonization of America’ (1887).