The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Keller, Otto

KELLER, Otto, German classical philologist: b. Tübingen, 28 May 1838. He was educated at the universities of Tübingen and Bonn and later specialized in the study of Horace. He was professor at Freiburg 1872-76, at Graz 1876-81 and from then until his retirement on a pension in 1909 he was at Prague. Chief among his critical works on Horace are ‘Horatii Opera Rec. Holder et Keller’ (1864-70; Vol. I; 2d ed., 1899); ‘Epilegomena zu Horaz’ (3 vols., Leipzig 1879-80); ‘Pseudoacrouis Scholia in Horatium Vetustiora’ (2 vols., 1902-04). Among other works are ‘Tiere des klassischen Altertums in kulturgeschichtlicher Beziehung’ (Innsbruck 1887); ‘Lateinische Etymologien’ (1893); ‘Kulturgeschichtliches aus der Tierwelt’ (1904) "Die antike Tierwelt" (Vol. I, 1909; Vol. II, 1914), etc.