The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Moe, Jörgen Ingebretsen

Edition of 1920. See also Jørgen Moe on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

MOE, mō, Jörgen Ingebretsen, Norwegian folklorist and poet: b. Ringerike, 22 April 1815; d. Christiansund, 27 April 1882. He is most noted for collecting, in collaboration with his companion Asbjörnsen, Norwegian sagas and folklore published under the titles ‘Norske Folkeaeventyr’ (1842-44; enlarged ed., 1882), in an English version by Dasent (1859); ‘Samling af Sange, Folkevïser og Stev’ (1840; enlarged ed., 1869, with melodies by Lindeman). His ‘I Brönden og Kjaernet’ (1851) containing juvenile stories and sermons are greatly admired, based, as they are, on folk poems. ‘Samlede Skrifter’ (Christiania 1877) is a collection of his works excepting the folk stories. Consult Halvorsen, J. B., ‘Norsk Forfatter-Lexikon’ (Vol. IV, Christiania 1896).