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The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Mosheim, Johann Lorenz von

MOSHEIM, Johann Lorenz von, yō'hän lō'rĕnts fōn mōs'hīm, German Protestant theologian: b. Lübeck, 9 Oct. 1694; d. Göttingen, 9 Sept. 1755. He studied and taught at Kiel; became professor of theology at Helmstedt in 1723, abbot of Marienthal in 1726 and professor (1747) and university chancellor (1755) at Göttingen; was a notable preacher and an erudite theologian and church historian of liberal leanings; and wrote ‘Institutiones Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ (1755, translated into English by Maclaine); ‘Institutiones Historiæ Christianæ’ (1763); ‘Attempt at an Impartial and Thorough History of Heresies’ (1748-50); ‘Morals of the Holy Writ’ (1770-78); etc.