The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Oertel, Johannes Adams

Edition of 1920. See also Johannes Adam Simon Oertel on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

OERTEL, ėr'tĕl, Johannes Adams, German-American Episcopal clergyman and artist: b. Fürth, Bavaria, 3 Nov. 1823; d. 1909. After studying art in Germany he practised engraving until 1848, in which year he set up as a painter in New York. He painted ‘Rock of Ages,’ which became vastly popular and was reproduced in millions of photographs and chromolithographs. He took holy orders in 1867, has had more than one pastoral charge and was appointed professor of Christian art in the University of the South. He painted a series of four large pictures entitled ‘The Plan of Redemption’ which he presented to the university. He is also a successful wood carver, confining himself to ecclesiastical and religious subjects in both departments of his activity.