The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Schaff, David Schley

Edition of 1920. See also David Schley Schaff on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

SCHAFF, shäf, David Schley, American Presbyterian clergyman and educator, son of Philip Schaff (q.v.): b. Mercersburg, Pa., 17 Oct. 1852. He was graduated at Yale in 1873 and in 1877 was ordained in the Presbyterian ministry. He served as pastor in 1877-1907; was professor of church history at Lane Theological Seminary in 1897-1903; and since 1903 has been professor of ecclesiastical and doctrinal history there. He was a delegate to the Pan-Presbyterian Council at Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1913. He was one of the editors of the ‘Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia’ (4 vols., 1883); and of ‘History of the Christian Church’ (Vols. I-II, 1907-10); and author of ‘Commentary on Acts’ (1882); ‘Life of Philip Schaff’ (1897); ‘John Huss’ (1915), etc. He translated ‘The Church’ by Huss (1915).