The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Stein, Mark Aurel

STEIN, Sir Mark Aurel, British Orientalist and archæologist: b. Budapest, Hungary, 26 Nov. 1862. He was educated at the universities of Vienna, Tübingen, Oxford and London. He was registrar of the Punjab University and principal of the Oriental College, Lahore, India, in 1888-99, and in 1899 he became principal of the Calcutta Madrash. The Indian government sent him to conduct archæological investigations in Chinese Turkestan in 1900-01, and he was afterward appointed inspector of education in the Punjab. He was engaged in archæological investigations in central Asia and western China in 1906-08, and in 1909 he became connected with the archæological department of India. He received the gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society in 1909. He published a critical edition, with an English translation, of Kalhana's ‘Rājataranginī, or Sanskrit Chronicle of the Kings of Kashmir’ (2 vols., 1900); and is author of ‘The Sand-Buried Cities of Khotan’ (1903); ‘Ancient Khotan’ (2 vols., 1907); ‘Ruins of Desert Cathay’ (2 vols., 1912), etc.