The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Tarr, Ralph Stockman

Edition of 1920. See also Ralph Stockman Tarr on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

TARR, Ralph Stockman, American geologist: b. Gloucester, Mass., 15 Jan. 1864; d. 1912. He was graduated from Harvard in 1891, and was assistant in geology there 1890-91. From 1892-97 he was assistant in geology at Cornell University, and thereafter professor of dynamic geology there until his demise. He has published ‘Economic Geology of the United States’ (1893); ‘Elementary Physical Geography’ (1895); ‘Elementary Geology’ (1897); ‘Physical Geography of New York’ (1902); ‘Geography of Science’ (1905); ‘Alaskan Glacier Studies’ (1914); ‘College Physiography’ (1914).