The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Vogel, Hermann Wilhelm

Edition of 1920. See also Hermann Wilhelm Vogel on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

VOGEL, Hermann Wilhelm, German photochemist and spectrum-analyst: b. Dobrilugk, Lower Lusatia, Prussia, 26 March 1834; d. Berlin, 17 Dec. 1898. He studied at the Royal Industrial Institute of Berlin, in 1860-65 was an assistant in the mineralogical museum of the University of Berlin, and from 1884 was director of the photo-technical laboratory of the Technical Institute there. He twice visited the United States (1870, 1883). His studies were directed in particular to the processes of photo-chemistry, the absorption-spectrum and the spectra of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. His silver-tester, photometer for pigment-printing and heliotype-printing, and universal spectroscope were introduced into general use. Among his writings was a ‘Handbuch der Photographie,’ of which numerous editions appeared. His ‘Das Photographische Pigmentverfahren’ was also frequently reprinted.