The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Waite, Henry Randall

Edition of 1920. See also Henry Randall Waite on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WAITE, Henry Randall, American editor and clergyman: b. Copenhagen, N. Y., 16 Dec. 1845. He was graduated at Hamilton 1868, then was engaged in journalism till 1870; studied theology in the Union Theological Seminary, New York, and in 1871-74 was pastor of the American church in Rome; was editor of the International Review 1876-77, and in the meantime and till 1880 pastor of a Presbyterian church in Pelham, N. Y. In 1891 he became acting pastor of a Congregational church in Brooklyn. Waite was president of the Political Science Association of New York 1876-77; special officer of the United States census 1880-83; editor of the Boston Citizen 1885-86; then editor of Civics in New York. He has published ‘The Motive of St. Paul's Life’; ‘Illiteracy and the Mormon Problem.’