The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Wells, Heber Manning

Edition of 1920. See also Heber Manning Wells on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WELLS, Heber Manning, American politician: b. Salt Lake City, 11 Aug. 1859. He was graduated from the University of Utah in 1875, and began early to take an active part in public life. He was recorder of Salt Lake City in 1882-90, and a member of the city board of public works in 1890 and in 1893. He was a member of the constitutional convention which framed the constitution under which Utah was admitted as a State; in 1895 was elected governor of Utah for a five years' term on the Republican ticket, and in 1900 was re-elected for a four years' term. During the prolonged struggle between the mine owners and miners' unions in 1904, he maintained an impartial attitude as far as possible, but firmly opposed anarchy and disorder. In 1905 he retired from politics and engaged in banking business.