The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective

The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective (1893-94)
by C. L. Pirkis
Accompanying illustrations by Bernard Higham may be omitted. This collection of short stories was first published serially in the Ludgate Monthly—all but "Missing" (February 1894)—between February and July 1893and in book form in 1894.

Miss Loveday Brooke, an unusual young woman, worked for Ebenezer Dyer, head of a detective agency in Lynch Court, London. Dyer soon enough finds out that behind an meek, nondescript exterior (good for disguises) is an keenly observant eye and brain; and one who can give as good as she gets.

Incidentally, this was one of the last works of Pirkis, who, much like her heroine, didn't much care for either money or the marriage market. Her last few years were devoted to animal welfare and anti-vivisectionist projects.

The Experiences of Loveday Brooke,
Lady Detective.

By C. L. PIRKIS, Author of "Lady Lovelace, &c. &c."

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This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.