The Fables of Florian (tr. Phelps)/The Dog and the Cat

Fables of Florian25.jpg


'Tis of a dog the story's told,
How, being by his master sold,
At his new home he would not stay,
But broke his chain and ran away.
Returning to his old abode,
How great was his surprise to find
That no one there a welcome show'd,

Or friendliness of any kind!
He found no greeting as before,
       But with rebuffs,
       And kicks and cuffs,
Was driven from the door.
Grimalkin sat with wond'ring eyes
As she beheld her friend's surprise,
And ventur'd this remark to make:
"That you and I are lov'd, 'tis true;
But what a fool, indeed, are you,
To think we're priz'd for our sake!"