Lapsus Calami (Apr 1891)/The Found Leader

Lapsus Calami  (1891)  by J.K.S.
The Found Leader

A political satire on the December 1890 North Kilkenny by-election, "The Found Leader" was published in the "Election Songs" section of Lapsus Calami. It was dropped from the third edition and never reinstated.

The Found Leader

(Air: Molly Malone.)

'Tis Justin Macarthy
That now leads our party:
He was born in the beautiful city of Cork:
He has wrote for quare papers,
And cut some quare capers,
And got through a wonderful deal of loose talk:

He once drove his barrow
Through streets wide and narrow
Singing novels, bad novels and other bad books:
And other bad boo-ooks
And other bad boo-ooks,
Singing novels, bad novels and other bad books!

He consults pretty freely
With Timothy Healy,
And is mighty polite to the former Lord Mayor:
And he'll often be sighing
That William O'Brien
And good Mr Dillon can never be there:

But he once &c. &c.

The devices of Parnell
Are truly infarnal
And he fights like a man with his back to the wall:
But the divil is in it
If Justin can't win it,
For bedad he can keep the commandments and all:

But he once drove &c. &c.