The Hong Kong Government Gazette/Old Series/No 11

The Hong Kong Government Gazette
Old Series, Number 11

No. 11.




Published by Authority.

Victoria, Hongkong; Saturday, December 3, 1853.

Government Notification.

The Contract hitherto in force for the publication of Government Notifications having ceased on the 21st instant,—Notice is hereby given, that the Hong Kong Government Gazette, this day established, will be here after the only Official Organ of Proclamations, Notifications, and all Public Papers of this Government.

By Order,

W. Caine,
Colonial Secretary.

Victoria, Hongkong, 24th September, 1853.

Diplomatic Department.

His Excellency her Majesty's Plenipotentiary and Chief Superintendent of British Trade in China, &c., &c. is pleased to notify that Mr. Vice-Consul Elmslie having this day returned to China will officiate as Consul at the port of Canton, pending the arrival of Dr. Bowring, and that Mr. Interpreter Parkes, will officiate as Vice-Consul during the same period.

By Order,

Horatio Nelson Lay,
In the absence of Mr. Officiating Secretary Medhurst.

Superintendency of Trade, Victoria, Hongkong,
28th November 1853.


Anno decimo septimo Victoriæ Reginæ.

No. 3 of 1853.

By His Excellency Sir Samuel George Bonham, Baronet, Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Colony of Hongkong and its Dependencies, and Vice-Admiral of the same, Her Majesty's Plenipotentiary and Chief Superintendent of the Trade British Subjects in China, with the Advice of the Legislative Council of Hongkong.

Title.An Ordinance to extend the Duties of Chinese Tepos appointed under Ordinance No. 13 of 1844; to determine their Emoluments; and to provide for the amicable Settlement of Civil Suits among the Chinese Population of Hongkong.

[2nd December, 1853.]

Preamble.Whereas disputes occasionally arise among the Chinese Population of this Colony which might be more conveniently and amicably settled by the Tepo, aided by the respectable Chinese Inhabitants, than before an English Tribunal; and whereas with a view to make the Tepos of the several Districts of the Colony more efficient, and to extend their usefulness, it is desirable that the voluntary Fees now paid by Chinese Householders for the support of the said Tepos be made rateable and compulsory:—Be it enacted and ordained by His Excellency the Governor of Hongkong, with the Advice of the Legislative Council thereof, as follows:—

Ordinance to take effect by proclamation of the Governor, on petition of majority of Rate-payers.I. Whenever the majority of Rate-payers in any District for which a Tepo has been appointed under the said Ordinance No. 13 of 1844, shall, by petition to the Governor, declare their wish to adopt the provisions of this Ordinance, the Governor may by proclamation declare that this Ordinance shall be in force in the said District; and before such proclamation this Ordinance shall not apply to any such District.

Rate-payers to elect Assessors.II. After Proclamation so made, the Rate-payers of the said District shall elect from among themselves not less than five nor more than twelve Persons, whose Names they shall submit to the Governor for his approval, and after approval such Persons shall, for One Year from the date of such approval, and afterwards until their Successors be chosen, become Assessors of the District: And should a less number than Twelve be chosen and approved, the Governor may nominate fit Persons to fill the vacancies. The Governor may also from time to time direct that any vacancy occurring afterwards among the said Assessors be filled in like manner by election and approval, and in default of election within a time to be fixed by him, may himself nominate persons to fill the vacancies.

Assessors choose Tepo.III. The Assessors so approved and nominated shall by a majority of Votes choose One of their number to be Tepo and such Person after approval by the Governor shall be Tepo of the District for One Year from the date of such approval, and afterwards until his Successor be chosen. Provided that nothing herein contained shall be held to circumscribe the Power of appointing such Tepo, possessed by the Governor under section II, of the said Ordinance No. 13 of 1844.

Mode of election.IV. The election of Assessors and Tepo shall take place not oftener than once a year, at such time and in such manner as the Governor may determine, Qualification of Electors and Assessors.and the qualification for an Elector or Assessor shall be the previous occupation during One Year immediately preceding the election of a Tenement rated to the Police Tax, and the payment of all Arrears of the said Tax: And all disputes as to qualification or the mode of election shall be determined by the Chief Magistrate.

Assessors to fix Salary of Tepo,V. The majority of Assessors may from time to time, not being oftener than once in the year, by petition to the Governor declare what Salary they consider it necessary that the Tepo should receive,Expense how to be defrayed. and the Governor may thereupon authorize the said Assessors to levy on the Annual Value (as assessed to the Police Tax), of all Premises in the occupation of Chinese Tenants, a Rate per Cent sufficient to defray the amount of such Salary:Application of surplus Funds. and from the Money so raised the Assessors shall pay the Salary to the said Tepo, reserving the remainder, if any, for such other purposes of Public utility as the Governor may sanction. And the Chief Magistrate may enforce the payment of tie said Rate by distress and sale of the Goods and Chattels found on the Premises of the defaulter, in the manner provided by Ordinance No. 2 of 1845, for the enforcement of the payment of Police Rates.

Chinese causes, with consent of Plaintiff and Defendant, may be referred for decision to Tepo of the District.VI. If any Person has a complaint against a Chinese he may apply for redress to the Tepo of the District, who shall use his best endeavour to obtain an amicable Settlement thereof. Failing such Settlement he shall ask the Plaintiff and Defendant in the case, whether they are willing that he should determine the dispute assisted by Assessors;Parties to declare before a Magistrate their full consent to the reference. and should the Parties consent to such determination, they shall, if resident within the limits of the city of Victoria, thereupon sign before some Justice of the Peace a declaration of their consent. The Tepo shall then Summon all the Assessors to his assistance;Tepo may then decide, with the assistance of Three Assessors. and shall proceed to hear and determine the Case, not less than Three Assessors being present during the Proceedings;Assessors may notwithstanding, refer the Parties to the proper English Tribunal. and the decision of the majority of the Assessors present, (the Tepo voting as an Assessor and having also the casting vote,) shall be binding upon the Parties: but the Assessors instead of coming to a decision may, if they think it proper, refer the matter for the decision of the proper English Tribunal.

Decision of the Tepo and Assessors how enforced.VII. The decision so given by the Tepo and Assessors shall be reported in writing by the Tepo to the Chief Magistrate, who, upon being duly called upon so to do, and upon being satisfied that the parties voluntarily submitted their dispute for determination in this manner, shall enforce the judgment by distress and sale of the Goods and Chattels of the defaulter, and failing these, by Imprisonment not exceeding Six Months. Provided that, if the judgment appear to him on the face of it to be manifestly erroneous or unjust, he may refuse to enforce it, and may remit the Case to be re-heard by the Tepo and Assessors, or to be re-heard by the proper English tribunal.

Ordinance to apply to Civil causes only.VIII. Nothing herein contained shall be held to give to such Tepo or Assessors jurisdiction over any Criminal cause, or to prevent any Person from bringing his complaint in the first instance before any English Court having jurisdiction therein.

S. G. Bonham.

Passed the Legislative Council of Hongkong,
this 2nd Day of December, 1853.

L. D'almada e Castro,
Clerk of Councils.


To Let or Sold the Land and Premises situated upon Marine Lot No. 44, lately in the occupation of Augustus Carter, Esq., and now the property of Her Majesty's Government.

Further particulars may be obtained upon application at the Office of the Surveyor General.

By Order,

Charles St. George Cleverly,
Surveyor General.

2d December, 1853.

Notice is hereby given that during the Current Year, for which Licences for the Sale of Spirituous Liquors have been granted, Ten o'clock on the mornings of the First Tuesday in each Calendar Month has been fixed, in pursuance of Ordinance No. 11 of 1844, as the times at which Applications for the transfer of Licenses will be heard.

J. Collins,
Chief Clerk.

Chief Magistrate's Office, Victoria,
Hongkong, 29th November, 1853.

Notice is hereby given that the sittings for the present month of the Supreme Court, under its Summary Jurisdiction, will be held on Friday the sixth day of January, 1854.

By Order of the Court,

William Hastings Alexander,
Acting Registrar.

Supreme Court,
1st December, 1853.


In re John Cunningham Ryan, deceased.
Salvador de Mello.

All Claims against the above Estates must be proved before the Official Administrator, before the Third day of June 1854; otherwise they will not be included in the Scheme of Division. All persons indebted to the said Estates are requested to make immediate payment to

William Hastings Alexander,
Acting Registrar-Official Administrator.

Government Notification.

The following Return of Notes in Circulation and Specie in Reserve, at the Bank of the Oriental Bank Corporation in Hongkong, is published for general information.

By Order,

W. Caine,
Colonial Secretary.

Colonial Secretary's Office, Victoria, Hongkong,
29th November, 1853.

Account of the Average Amount of Notes in Circulation of the Bank of the Oriental Bank Corporation in Hongkong, for the Month ending 31st October, 1853, rendered in accordance with the terms of Her Majesty's Royal Charter of Incorporation.
Notes issued,.............$61,578[1]


Wm. Lamond,
(illegible text) Manager.

Oriental Bank Corporation, Hongkong,
1st November, 1853.

I certify that I this day examined the Books and Treasure Vault of the Oriental Bank Corporation and that the Amount of Specie shown was sufficient in terms of the Charter.


W. T. Mercer,
Colonial Treasurer.

28th November, 1853.

Post-Office Notification.

The next General Mails per Malta, will be closed at 6 o'clock, P.M., on Saturday, the 10th instant; and the customary Supplementary Mail will be made up the following morning, between the hours of 9 and 10 o'clock.

Thomas Hyland,
Post Master.

Post-Office, Victoria, Hongkong,
1st December, 1853.

Steam for
Singapore, Penang, Point de Galle, Aden, Suez, Malta, Marseilles, and Southampton;

Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta.

The Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Steam-ship MALTA, Captain Purchase, with Her Majesty's Mails, Passengers, Specie, and Cargo, will leave this for the above Places, on Sunday, the 11th instant, at 2 P. M.

Cargo will be received on board until 5 P. M. on the 9th, specie until Noon on the 10th, and parcels until 2 P. M. on the 10th.

For particulars regarding Freight and Passage, apply at the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Office, Hongkong.

Contents, and Value of Packages, are required.

A written declaration of Contents and Value of the Packages for the Overland Route is required by the Egyptian Government, and must be delivered by the Shipper to the Company's Agents with the Bills of Lading, or with Parcels; and the Company do not hold themselves responsible for any Detention or Prejudice which may happen from incorrectness in such declaration.

Robert S. Walker,

P. & O. S. N. Company's Office, Hongkong, 1st December, 1853.


Tonnage required for the Conveyance from Hongkong to Colombo, in the Island of Ceylon, for the following Detail for the Ceylon Rifle Regiment, which may slightly differ before the day of embarkation:—

Officers. Officers' Wives. Native Officers. Non-Commissioned Officers, Do. Rank and File. Women. Children.
10 2 6 271 33 32

The above Native Officers and Men are to be provided with the usual Fittings, and the proper proportion of Provisions daily, as follows:—

1 pint Rice.
½ oz. Curry Stuff.
½ lb. Salt Fish.
5/7 oz. Coffee.
½ lb. Biscuit.
1 2/7 oz. Sugar.
oz. Gums.
3 lbs. Firewood.
oz. Salt.
2 gals. Water.

Each Native Woman to receive half of a Man's allowance, and each Child one-half that of a Woman, which is to be done at the expense of the Master or Owners of the Vessel accepted; and the Provisions subject to the approval of a Board of Military Officers before the Ship proceeds to Sea; also (unless five days' notice be given previously to the departure of the Ship), the Master will have to Mess the European Officers with their Wives and Families, agreeably to Admiralty Regulations.

Tenders endorsed "Tenders for Ceylon Rifle Regiment," will be received until Noon of Saturday, the 10th day of December next; and Parties proposing to Tender (who on their acceptance will be called upon to sign the Charter Parties), may obtain full particulars on any previous day at the Office of the undersigned, during the usual Hours of Business.

Tenders to state the day that the Vessel will be prepared to proceed to her destination.

Charles Parker,
Commander R.N.,
Naval Storekeeper.

Her Majesty's Naval Yard, Hongkong, 18th November, 1853.


Tonnage required for the Conveyance from Hongkong to the River Thames, for the Detail of Troops, as follows, viz:—

Corps. Officers. Rank and File. Women. Children.
Invalids, 2 63 2 2
Royal Artillery, 3 51 5 13
Royal Sappers and Miners, 2

This number will most likely increase rather than diminish before the day of embarkation.

The above Detail of Troops to be provided with the usual regulated Ration by the Master while embarked; and the necessary space for erecting Hospital, Cabins, and Conveniences, to be furnished by the Parties tendering, who will be required to sign the Charter Parties.

Provided that the Company of Artillery now on its passage from Ceylon to this Port does not arrive previously to the proposed departure of the Corps of Invalids in the last week in December next, Tonnage will only be required for the Invalids, and in no case will the number of Officers exceed three.

Tonnage will also be required for about 10 Tones of Ordnance Stores, 8 Tons being Dead-weight (Saltpetro); together with about 20 Tones of Naval Stores,—mostly Dead-weight.

Tenders will be received,—endorsed "Tenders for Troops," until Noon of Saturday, the 10th of December next, which are to specify the Raes for each Class of Persons, and Parties proposing to Tender may obtain full information on any previous day at the Office of the undersigned, from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M.

Charles Parker,
Commander R.N.,
Naval Storekeeper.

Her Majesty's Naval Yard, Hongkong, 15th November, 1853.

Public Auction.

By order of W. H. Alexander, Esq., Acting Registrar of the Supreme Court of Hongkong.

The undersigned will sell by Public Auction, on Friday, 9th December, 1853, at 11 o'clock A. M. The Good will and Stock in trade of the Public House known as the London Tavern.

Household Furniture, 2 Horses, 1 Whale Boat with Sails, and the Schooner Jim Crow.

Further particulars will be stated in the Handbills.

Charles Markwick,
Government Auctioneer.

Hongkong, 3d December, 1853.


All Persons having Claims against the Estate of the late William Morrison, Colonial Surgeon, are requested to send them in to Mrs. Morrison forthwith; and those indebted to the said Estate are requested to make payment to her.

T. D. Neave,
One of the Executors.

Hongkong, 22d October, 1853.


All Claims against the Estate of the late William Ellis, must be sent in to the undersigned, on or before the 8th day of April, 1854, and all Parties indebted to the said Estate, are requested to make payment to

T. Jones Gibb,

Hongkong, 10th October, 1853.


The Hours of Divine Service in the Cathedral Church of St. John are, on Sundays at 11 A. M. and 4 P. M., and on Thursdays at 5 P. M.

Hongkong, 24th October, 1853.

Printed and Published by Robert Strachan, at the Hongkong Register Office, Queen's Road, Victoria, Hongkong.

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  1. Exclusive of the Notes of the Oriental Bank still outstanding.