The Hong Kong Government Gazette/Old Series/No 21

The Hong Kong Government Gazette
Old Series, Number 21

No. 21.




Published by Authority.

Victoria, Hongkong; Saturday, February 11, 1854.

Government Notification.

The Contract hitherto in force for the publication of Government Notifications having ceased on the 21st instant,—Notice is hereby given, that the Hong Kong Government Gazette, this day established, will be hereafter the only Official Organ of Proclamations, Notifications, and all Public Papers of this Government.

By Order,

W. Caine,
Colonial Secretary.

Victoria, Hongkong, 24th September, 1853.

Government Notification.

Notice is hereby given, that a Sale by Public Auction of Crown-Lands on Leases, will be held in Victoria West, on the ground to be sold, on Tuesday, the 21st Instant, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.

Information regarding the Lots to be sold, and the conditions of Sale, may be obtained, and any Lots that are not included in the Sale-bill, may be added thereto, on application at the Surveyor-General's-Office, any day before Saturday, the 18th instant.

By Order,

Charles St. George Cleverly,

Surveyor-General's Office, Victoria, Hongkong, 7th February 1854.

Government Notification.

It is hereby notified that all Government Land Rents must for the future be paid in Dollars, according to the terms of the Lease.

W. T. Mercer,
Colonial Treasurer.

Colonial Treasury, Victoria, Hongkong, 9th February 1854.

Diplomatic Department.

The annexed Return of British Trade at the Port of Foochow during the Year ended 31st December 1853, together with a statement of the Foreign shipping which have entered and left that Port during the same Period, are published for general information.

By Order,

W. H. Medhurst,
Officiating Secretary to H. B. M.'s Plenipotentiary, &c., &c.

Superintendency of Trade, Victoria, Hongkong, 6th February 1854.


The Supreme Court will sit in Nisi Prius on Monday, the 13th Instant, at 12 o'Clock noon.

By Order of the Court,

William Hastings Alexander,
Acting Registrar.


The Ordinary Criminal Sessions of the Supreme Court will be held on Wednesday, the 15th Instant, at 12 o'Clock noon.

By Order of the Court,

William Hastings Alexander,
Acting Registrar.

Notice is hereby given, that the Copartnership heretofore subsisting between Yorick Jones Murrow and James Stephenson under the Style or Firm of Murrow, Stephenson & Co, has been this day dissolved. The undersigned, assuming the responsibilities of the said Firm, will in future conduct the business on his own account and in his own name.

Y. J. Murrow.

Hongkong, January 2d, 1854.


The Tai-Sung-Fong, Hongkong Shop, from the 5th day of February, 1854, consists of only two Partners,—Chun Yut of Shanghae, and Chun Yew of Hongkong; and all persons are hereby to take notice, that from the above date, Yung Tiu has no longer any concern with the Tai-Sung-Fong Shop.

Hongkong, 8th February, 1854.

聞  咸豐四年正月十三

Printed and Published by Robert Strachan, at the Hongkong Register Office, Queen's Road, Victoria, Hongkong.

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