The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Aga Khan, His Highness Aga Sulthan Mohammad Shah

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Aga Khan, His Highness Aga Sulthan Mohammad Shah, G.C.I.E.; born, 1875; son of the late Aga Khan, one of the claimants to the throne of Persia; claims descent in direct line from Ali, the first Iman of the Shiah sect of Mohammedans; his ancestors were rulers of Egypt for many centuries. The British Government offered an asylum to his father and granted to him a pension of Rs. 10,000 a month, which m being continued to His Highness. Received his education in Persian from his mother, who was a Persian scholar of no mean repute; placed under Mr. John Kenny of Bombay, to receive his English education; head of the Mauli or Ismaili sect of Mohammedans, who are represented in Bombay by the Khoja Community. Every member of this community subscribes one-tenth of his income for maintaining his status and dignity; has adherants also in Central Asia and East Africa; headed the Moslem deputation to the Viceroy, for the discussion of the question of separate representation of Moslems on the Supreme Council, 1906; leading member in the movement for the establishment of a Mahommedan University, for which he made an extensive tour through India for the purpose of collecting funds; guest of the British nation at the Coronation of King-Emperor Edward VII, 1902. In memory of his revered father, has founded the Aga Khan Memorial European Scholarship Fund, for providing selected Mahommedan students with a post graduate course in Europe; personal title of His Highness conferred, 1S86; K.C.I.E., 1898 and G.C.I.E., 1902; Prussian Order of the Royal Crown, 1901; Brilliant Star of Zanzibar, 1900; has travelled a great deal; offered to serve as a sepoy in the European War, 1914. Recreations: Golf, Motoring. Cycling and travel. Address: Aga Hall, Bombay. Club: Marlborrough, Bombay.