The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Ahmed Abdul Aziz Khan

Ahmed Abdul Aziz Khan, Khan Bahadur, Shams-ul-ulema, Nawab Aziz Jang. Retired 1st Taluqdar, Hyderabad; Member of Hyderabad Municipal Board; elected President; nominated Member of the Hyderabad Legislative Council; has acted as Editor of Aziz-ul-Akbar; Associated Member of Bengal Asiatic Society; title of Khan Bahadur bestowed by the Nizam’s Government and that of Nawab and Shams-ul-ulema by the British. Publications: Commentaries on the Revenue Act; Mahabub-ul-Lier; History of Hyderabad; Fulahtun Nakl; Date Palm in India and Arsaful Lugah (Persian Dictionary). Address: Hyderabad, Deccan.