The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Amar Prakash Bahadur. Raja of Sirmoor

Amar Prakash Bahadur. Raja of Sirmoor; born, 1887; educated privately and married to the eldest daughter of the ex-Prime Minister of Nepal, Maharaja Dev Shamsher Jang Bahadur; succeeded to the gaddi, 1911; the relations of this State with the English began in a peculiar way. Karm Prakash II, at one time the ruler of the State, invoked the aid of the Gurkhas to suppress a revolt that had arisen in his State in 1803. In compliance with the demand, the Gurkhas entered his territory, expelled the ruler and became masters of the State themselves. But the ruler of Sirmoor, a lady of courage and resource, invoked British aid and her appeal fortunately coinciding with the time of the Nepal War, a force was sent to expel the Gurkhas from Sirmoor; after the conclusion of the Nepal War, the British Government placed Fateh Prakash, the son of Karm Prakash, on the throne; during the first Afghan War the Raja of Sirmoor aided the British with a loan and in the first Sikh War, a small contingent of Sirmoor forces fought on the side of the English; the present Chief had administrative training during the time of his father; invested with full powers, 1911; the area of the state is 1,108 square miles and its population is 135,689. It enjoys a revenue of Rs. 6,00,000. A military force of 203 Imperial Service Sappers, 235 infantry, 31 cavalry and 4 guns is maintained; entitled to a salute of 11 guns. Recreation: Hockey, Cricket, Tennis and shooting. Address: Sirmoor (Nahan), Punjab.