The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Ananda Rao, Tanjore

Ananda Rao, Tanjore, C.I.E. Retired Dewan of Mysore State. Born 15th May, 1852; eldest son of the late Raja Sir T. Madhava Rao, the well-known Dewan of Travancore and Baroda; educated at Presidency College, Madras, and Maharajah’s College, Trevandrum, Travancore State; had a brilliant, scholastic career, matriculating in 1st class, 1867; F.A. 1st class,1869; B.A. (Madras) 1871, 1st class in History, Logic and Psychology; first employed in Madras, Board of Revenue; Tutor to the sons of the late Maharaja Tukaji Rao Holkar; joined as an Attache, Mysore Commission. 14th November 1873; Assistant Commissioner, Bangalore, 7th July 1876; in charge of Palace, 1st December 1879; settled Palace accounts January 1883; served as Assistant Commissioner, Hassan and Kadu, 1883; Ag. Deputy Commissioner in Hassan and Mysore, 1st April 1886 and 19th November 1889, when he became Chief Secretary to the Dewan of Mysore; on leave from 19th March 1874 to 25th January 1897, when he was appointed Director of Agricultural and other Statistics in Mysore; Mysore Census Superintendent, 14th March 1904; his Report on Mysore Census has been described to be a delignt to those “who, not satisfied with dry-statistical details, wish to wander in the by-paths of Ethnology.” Revenue Commissioner, Mysore State, 14th March 1904; 1st Member of Council, Mysore State, 30th March 1906; Dewan of Mysore, 1st April 1909; retired, 1912; C.I.E. 1910. Recreation: Walking. Address: High-Ground, Bangalore.