The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Bed Saran, Kurwar, Rani of Agori Barhar

Bed Saran, Kurwar, Rani of Agori Barhar, Born, 1851; succeeded to title, 1871; the family belongs to Chandel clan of Rajputs. In 1871 Warren Hastings granted a sanad to Adil Shah, restoring to him the Zemindari of Agori Barhar with a money allowance of Rs. 8,000; this was afterwards exchanged for an additional grant of land, the revenue of which was assigned to the Raja; the estate was under the Court of Wards for some time, but has since been restored to the present Rani; the title of Raja, a hereditary one, was recognised, 1781; the estate comprises 400 whole villages, and shares in 13 others in Mirzapur. Address: Rajpur, Mirzapur, U.P.