The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Birdwood, Sir George Christopher Molesworth

Birdwood, Sir George Christopher Molesworth, M.D., (Edin), K.C.I.E.; Born at Belgaum, 1832; son of General Christopher Birdwood, of the Indian Army; educated at Plymouth Grammar School, Dollar Acadamy and Edinburgh University; entered Bombay Medical Service 1854; served in Persian War, 1856-7; on return to Bombay took a prominent part in the life of the city, influencing, by his great popularity with the leaders of Indian thought, the endowments which were made to the newly established University, the construction of some of the public buildings and the carrying out of improvements which have earned for the town and island the title of “Bombay the Beautiful.” was for a time Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, and at Materia Medica and Botany of Grant Medical College; Curator of the Government Central Museum; Honorary Secretary, Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society and of the Agri-Horticultural Society; Registrar of the University; one of the founders of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the designer of the Victoria gardens at Byculla; Sheriff of Bombay, 1846; proceeded to England and joined the staff of the India Office, as Special Assistant in the Revenue and Statistical Department, 1878 to 1899; retired after two extensions of service beyond the ordinary age limit; held a leading position in all the principal International Exhibitions from 1857 to 1901: founded, with Prof. Chenery and others the Primerose Day. Publications: Economic Vegetable Products of the Bombay Presidency, 1888; Handbook of British Indian section, Paris Exhibition, 1878; The Industrial Arts of India, 1888; Report on the Old Records of the India office, 1891: First Letter Book of the East India Company, 1895; papers on The Genus “Bosewellia” (Frankincense Trees); Incens and other articles in Ency. Brit.; Report on Cultivation of Spanish Chestnuts, 1892; Report on Cultivation of Carrots in India, 1897-8; Appendix on the Aryan Fancy and Flora, to Max Muller’s Biagraphy of words, 1888; and prefaces and introductions to various well known works, such as Count d’Alviela’s Magratssons des symboles, besides many official reports on economic products, etc; a prolific contributor to leading journals and reviews, including the Times, and Athenaeum, the Quarterly Review; and the Journal of the Society of Arts, the latter containing a great number of his speeches and essays in connexion with the work of the S.I., 1887; K.C.I.E., 1887; LL.D. (Cambridge) 1886; Knight of Grace, and St. John of Jerusalem. Officer Legion of Honour; Laureate of French Academy; Recreation: gardening. Address. 119, The Avenue, West Ealing, W. Primrose and Northbrook Clubs.