The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Bloomfield, Maurice

Bloomfield, Maurice, M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology, Johns Hopkins University b. Bielitz, Austria, 1855; Educ.; Chicago University; Furman University, South Carolina, Yale University; Johns Hopkins University, Furman University; Edited for the first time from the original Sanskrit Manuscripts, the Grihyasamgraha of Gobhilaputra (Leipsic, 1881), and the Sutra of Kaucika (New Haven, 1899); translated the Atharva-Veda in the Sacred Books of the East (edited by Max Müller); author of the Atharva-Veda and the Gopatha-Brahmana (Strassburg 1899); joint editor (with Professor Richard Garbe of the University of Tubingen) of the chromo-photographic reproduction of The Kashmirian Atharva-Veda, the so-called Paippalada, 1900; author of Cerberus, The Dog of Hades. 1905; A Concordance of the Vedas (Harvard Oriental Series), 1907; Religion of the Veda, 1907; contributor to numerous learned journals and reviews on subjects connected with the history, religion, mythology, and literature of Ancient India; on Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Comparative Grammar; on Ethnology avid Science of Religions; Vice-President and President of the American Oriental Society, 1905-1910; Membcr of the American Philological Association: German Oriental Society; American Philosophical Society; Foreign Member of the Royal Bohemian Society of Prague; Hon. Member Finno-Ugrian Society of Helsingsfors; Hardy prize of the Royal Bavarian Academy of Munich 1908. Address: 861 Park Avenue, Baltimore, U.S.A. Club: University.