The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Booth-Tucker, Frederick St. George de Lautour

Booth-Tucker, Commissioner; Officer in Salvation Army. Was a Deputy Commissioner in the Punjab. Became interested in the work of the Salvation Army, 1881; resigned his position in the I.C.S. and joined the Salvation Army as an Officer.; came to India and opened operations, 1882; while on a procession in the Streets of Bombay, he was arrested with several of his Companions, and sentenced to a month’s imprisonment; was sent to America where he originated the Farm Settlements taking a number of people from the town; his work in the Settlement was favourably reported on by Mr. Rider Haggard who was disputed by the British Government to inspect and report upon it; toured in India for introducing certain schemes of a social character; has opened many Settlements in India to reclaim the Criminal classes of India.