The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Brackenbury, Colonel Maule Campbell

Brackenbury, Colonel Maule Campbell, R.E.; C.S.I., 1898: retired list; b. 20 September, 1844; s. of William Congreve Brackenbury: m. Florence Mary, d. of General William Spottiswode Trevor, V.C.; 1882. Educ.: private school; entered R.E. 1865; Col. 1898; served Perak Expedition, 1874-75, Afghanistan, 1878-1880; Mariri Expedition, 1880 (despatches). Was Private Secretary to Governor of Straits Settlements, 1873-5; Decorated for services in mobilisation of troops in India in 1898. Recreations: golf, shooting, fishing. Address: Queen’s Mansions, 56 Victoria Street, C.W. Clubs: United Service, Hurlingham, Wellington.