The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Brahmachari, Upendra Nath

Brahmachari, Upendra Nath; M.A. M.D. Ph.D; Rai Bahadur; Fellow of the Calcutta University Royal Society of medicine; member of the Asiatic Society of Bengal; Lecturer in Medicine at the Medical School, Calcutta. Born, 1875; Educ: at the Presidency College, Calcutta; B.A. in honours in Mathematics securing Thwaytes Medal; M.A. while a medical student; 1st in the M.B. Examination Winning McLeod and Goodeve Medals; M.D. in 1902; Fellow 1904; Member of central Malaria Committee, Bombay; 1911; Entered Government service as house Physician in the Medical College hospital Calcutta. Address: No. 10, Nenitola Ghat Street, Calcutta.