The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Brodie, Hon’ble; Mr. Norman Somerville

Brodie, Hon’ble; Mr. Norman Somerville, M.A., I.C.S., Member. Board of Revenue, Madras; completed education at the Christ Church College, Oxford; joined service, 1886; permitted to remain one more year in England for taking a Degree in Honors at the Oxford University; arrived in India, December 1887; posted as Assistant Collector and Magistrate, 1888; acted in the various subordinate grades in various parts of the Presidency; twice deputed on special duty, once for preparing Administration Report of the Presidency for 1899-90, and again for arranging records in the office of the Board of Revenue, Madras; Secretary to Commissioner of Salt, etc., Madras, 1900; Collector and Magistrate, 1903; again on special duty for the organisation of the Guntur Dist. 1904 and as a Member, P.W. Estbt. Committee, 1906-07; Addl. Member, Madras Legislative Council, 1912; 4th Member, Board of Revenue, Madras, 1913. Address; Nungambakam, Madras, India.