The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Crole, Charles Stewart

Crole, Charles Stewart, C.I.E.; (1898), I.C.S. (retired); Educ.: High School and Univ., Edin; joined service, 1862, Student at the College, 1863; on duty in the Sub-Div. Madras, 1868; in charge of Madras Collr’s office, the same year; Sub-Secretary, Bd. of Rev. Madras, 1869; awarded Rs. 2000 for compiling the Chingleput Dis. Manual, 1st December 1879; Ag Commr. of Salt Rev, Madras, 1880; Ag Collector of Sea Customs, Madras, 31st March to 5th November 1880; furlough to Europe, 13th November 1880 to 27th February 1882; returned and was posted as Dist. and Sessions Judge, Kistna, 1882; Collector and Magistrate, 1882; Member, Board of Revenue, 1890; Member, Madras Legislative Council, 1893; retired, 1898; contested Enfield (L.), 1900. Publication: Chinglepat District Manual. Address C/o India office, London.