The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Crooke, William

Crooke, William; I.C.S., (Retd); b. 1848; educ; at the Grammar School Tipperary and at Trinity College, Dublin; arrived in India, 1871; served in the N.W.P. and Oudh; Magistrate and Collector; (retired) 1896. Publictions: Rural and Agricultural Glossary, N.W.P. and Oudh, 1888; an Ethnographical Handbook for the N.W.P. and Oudh, 1890; The N.W.P of India, their History, etc., 1897; The popular Religion and Folklore of Northern India, 1896; and a Gazetteer of Jalesar: The Tribes and Castes of the N.W.P. and Oudh, 1896; also of a Revised edition of yule Burnell’s Hobson-Jobson; and numerous papers in the Journals of the Anthropological Institute and Folklore Society. Address: c/o India Office, London.