The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Dane, Sir Richard Morris

Dane, Sir Richard Morris, K.C.I.E., (1909); C.I.E., (1896); I.C.S., retd; b. 1854; s. of late R. M. Dane, M.D., C.B. Inspector genral of Hospitals; Educ: Kingstown, Dublin. Entered service, 1872; Assistant Commissioner, Punjab, 1874-78; served under Foreign Depart. Govt. of India, 1878-79; Secretary to Financial Commissioner, Punjab; Assistant Commissioner and officiating, Under Sec. to Government, Punjab 1880-1882; Boundary Settlement Officer, Central India, and Assistant Commissioner, Ajmere, 1883-85; Settlement Officer, Gurdaspur, and Deputy-Commissioner, Punjab, 1885-90, Officiating Commissioner of Excise, and Inspector-General of Registration, 1890-91; on duty with the Royal Opium Commission, 1893-95; Deputy-Secretary to Government of India in the Finance Department, 1895-98; Commissioner, North India Salt Revenue, 1898-1907; Inspector General of Excise and Salt, 1907-9; retired, 1909; Address: Co India Office, London. Club: East India United Service.