The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Das, Sarat Chandra

Das, Sarat Chandra, C.I.E. (1886), Rai Bahadur, b. 1849: Educ. at Chittagong and the Calcutta Presidency College, and in that College’s Engineering Department; was Head Master, Bhutia Boarding School, Darjeeling, 1874; studied Tibetan from Lama Ugyen Gyasto; visited Tashi Lhumpo (Teshu Lumbo) in Tibet, in Company with Lamo Ugyen Gyasto, 1878; started together to visit Lhassa 1879: returned after six months, from Tashi Lhumpo to Darjeeling, 1881; again went to Tashi Lhumpo, and on to Lhassa; wrote his Narrative of a Journey to Lhassa, and Narrative of a journey round Lake Palti (Yamdok) and in Lhokha, Yarlung and Sakya; accompanied Colman Macaulay to the Lachen Valley in Sikhim, 1884; received a reward from the Royal Geographical Society, 1887; founded the Buddhist Text-book Society, 1892; Rai Bahadur, 1896. Publications: Tibetan-English Dictionary, 1902; Travels in Tibet (Published by the Royal Geographical Society, 1899); Tibetan translator to Govt. 1881; retired, 1904; engaged in compiling a Sanskrit-English Dictionary. Address: Lhassa Ville, Darjeeling, Bengal, India.