The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Davies, Arthur

Davies, Arthur, M,A., Bar-at-Law, Madras; s. of the late Sir James H. Davies, formerly Puisne Judge, Madras High Court; b. 1873; finished education in England and joined service as Deputy Registrar, Madras High Court, 1902; Secretary, Madras Students Advisory Committee, 1909; Administrator-General, Madras, sub protem, 7th April to 9th Oct. 1911; Deputy Registrar, Madras High Court, and Secy. Madras students Advisory Committee, 1902; Principal, Law College, Madras, since 1903; K.I.H. Medal 1st class, 1914. Address: Kalsmeath, Nungambaukam, Madras, India.