The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Dholpur, Rana of

Dholpur, Rana of; His Highness captain Raisud-Daulah Sipandar-ul-Mulk Saramud Ragha-i-Hind Maharaj Adhiraj Sir Sawai Maharaj Rana Ram Singh Lokindra Bahadur, Diler Jang Jai Deo, K.C.I.E.; is a Jat of the Camranlia Clan; e.s. of late chief Nihel Singh C.B.; b. 1883; succeeded as a minor, 1901; educ; Mayo College, Ajmere; m.d. of H.H. the Maharaja of Nabha; invested with full powers, 1905; area of the State, 1200 square miles: population, about 280,000; revenue, nearly 10 lakhs. Family colour was azure, subsequently changed into a golden yellow flag with the figure of Hanuman in the centre. Address. Dholpur, Rajputana, India.