The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Dobbs, Henry Robert Conway

Dobbs, Henry Robert Conway, C.I.E., F.R,G.S., I.C.S.; b. 1871; s.of Robert Conway Dobbs of Camphire, Ireland; educ: Winchester College, Brasenose College, Oxford; entered I.C.S., 1892; Private Secretary to Lieutenant-Governor, N.W.P., 1896; Joint Magistrate, 1897; in Mysore and Baluchistan, 1899-1903; investigated navigation of Euphrates from latitude of Aleppo to Baghdad, and travelled across Persia from Baghdad to Seistan, 1902-2; Consul for Seistan and Kain, 1903; British Commissioner, Russo-Afghan Boundary; traversed unexplored tract of Hazarajat between Herat and Kabul, 1904; Secretary to Kabul Mission, 1904; Famine Commissioner, Rajputana, 1905; Deputy Secretary, Foreign Dept. 1906; on special duty in connection with visit of Amir of Afghanistan to India, 1906. Publications: Monograph on Pottery and Glass-work of N.W.P. and Oudh. Address: Simla, India. Club: East India United Service.