The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Goswami, Kisor Lal

Goswami, Kisor Lal, M.A., B.L., Rai Bahadur, Member, Executive Council. Bengal; b. at Sirampore, 1856; educ: Presidencv College, Calcutta; M.A., 1879; B.L., 1881; practiced as a Vakil for 12 years; inherited a vast zemindari, and gave up practice; was Chairman of Sirampore Municipality for 9 years; Member, District Board, 24 Parganas; Vice-President, British Indian Association, Calcutta, 1907; was twice elected to Bengal Legislative Council; Director, Bengal Provincial Railway and Banga Lakshmi Cotton Mills; Rai Bahadur, 1907; Member, Malaria Commission, Simla, 1909; Member, Bengal Executive Council, 1910. Address: Sirampore; No. 12, Theatre Road, Calcutta, India.