The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Hoernle, Augustus Frederic Rudolf

Hoernle, Augustus Frederic Rudolf, M.A, (Oxford). Ph.D. (Tubingen), C.I.E. (1897); b, Agra, 1841; 2nd s. of late Rev. T. C. Hoernle, C.M.S.; m. Sophie, d. of R. Romig of Bonn (Germany), 1877; educ:in Esslingen and Stuttgart; Universities of Basel, Tubingen, and London; Church Missionary in Meerut, 1815; Professor, Jay Narain’s Coll- Benares, 1870; Principal, Cathedral Mission College, Calcutta, 1877; joined Indian Educational Service, 1881; Principal, Calcutta Madrasah, 1881; retired, 1899; specially interested in archaeology, epigraghy, palaeography, etc. Publications: Comparative Grammar of the North Indian Languages; Comparative Dictionary of the Behari Language; Edition of the Bower Manuscript, of Chanda’s Prakrit Grammer of the Seventh Anga of the Jains; Report on the British Collection of Central Asain Antiquities; Studies in the Medicine of Ancient India, Part I. Osteology; History of India: numerous contributions to the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, and the Indian Antiquary, etc. Address: 8, Northmoor Road, Oxford.