The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Hultzsch, Eugen

Hultzsch, Eugen, P.H.D, Dresden; studied classical and oriental philology, especially Sanskrit, at Bonn and Leipzig; Privat-docent for Oriental studies at the University of Vienna; studied Indian Epigraphy; travelled for six months in N. India and Kashmir, 1884-5; collected valuable Mss. and inscriptions; Epigraphist of the Archaeological Survey, Madras, 1887; Sanskrit examiner Madras University, 1903; resigned, and has been Professor of Sanskrit, University of Hallee; Secretary to the Deutsche Morgenlandische Gesellschaft; Corresponding Member, Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences; Member, Royal Society of Science, Gottingen, etc; has written Prolegomena zu Vasantaraja Sakuna, and edition of Bandhajanas Law book; South Indian Inscriptions (Tamil and Sanskrit); Reports of Sanskrit Mss in South India; many of his treatises on Indian epigraphy have appeared in the Indian Antiquary.