The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Jones, Lt. Col. Richard Godfrey,

Jones, Lt. Col. Richard Godfrey, I.S.O. (1886); b. 1855; joined Army as Sub-Lieutenant, 8th Foot, 1874; arrived in Madras, 1876; services lent to the Mysore Government, 1883, served with 2nd L.C., Southern Afghanistan, 1879-1880; with 1st M.L. in Upper Burma, 1886-1889; commanded Flying column of cavalry and Mounted Infantry in the Mon and Mon River Valleys; received thanks of Sir G. White, Commanding Burma Field Force; Chin Expedition, 1888-1890, wounded near Minbu, 1886; owns Medals for service in Afghanistan, Burma and Chin Lushi; is considered as an expert in Military Law, and field fortification; Inspecting Officer, Mysore Imperial Service Troops, 1890; Military Assistant to Mysore Government, 1897. Address: Mysore, India.