The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Kallikote, Raja of: Sir Hari Hara Madra Raja Deo Bahadur Garu

Kallikote, Raja of: Sir Hari Hara Madra Raja Deo Bahadur Garu; s, of Narayaina Marda Raja Deo, who greatly distinguished himself by his kindness towards the famine stricken in 1866, and won the approbation of Lord Napiers’ Government at Madras; b. 1872; educ: under Mr. R. W. Potts, a well known educationlist; married twice, 1894 and 1895, two sisters in succession, being daughters of Chotta Sahib of Mourbhang, the uncle of the present Maharaja of Mourbhang, Balasore, Orissa District, Bengal Presidency; owner of the well known Rambha estate; contributed a lakh of rupees to the Kallikot College, Berhampore, 1898; built the Diamond Jubliee Hall, Berhampore, 1897; maintains a free Dispensary at Kallikot, travelled widely in India, Burma and Ceylon; Recreations: Riding. Address: Kallikot Ganjam District, Madras Presidency. India.