The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Krishnaswami Rao, M.

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Krishnaswami Rao, M. , B.A., Vice-President, City Municipality, Mysore; s. of Muhatub Ganghadhara Rao of the Mysore Palace service, belongs to a family which has been closely identified with the State service for the past two centuries; one of the ancestors of the family, Bacha Rao, held an appointment next only to that of the Dewan in the time of Maharaja Sri Krishna Rajendra Wadiyar III; the faithful services rendered to the State by members of this family are referred to by Messrs. Buchanan and Wilks. b. at Mysore. 1870; educ: Maharaja’s College, Mysore, and the Madras Christian College; passed B.A., 1890; studied in the Madras Law College for some time; joined the Mysore service as Revenue Probationer, 1896; became Deputy Amildar, 1898; worked as Amildar in various places; Assistant Commissioner and Vice President, City Municipality, Bangalore, 1906; was ex-officio Secretary to the Extension Committee; transferred to Mysore as Vice-President of the Municipality, and ex-officio member, Board of Trustees for the Improvement of the City of Mysore, 1908. Address: Mysore, India.