The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Kutlehr, Chief of; Raja Ram Pal

Kutlehr, Chief of; Raja Ram Pal, C.S.I. (1904); b. 1849; s. of Raja Narain Pal; claims to be the head of an ancient Rajput family whose members are said to have ruled for over 200 generations; m. 1st, sister of Raja Shamser Sing of Rampur, Bushahr State; 2nd, d. of Raja Mahendra Sein of Keontal State; one s; educ: Shastri (nagari); joined service as Sub-Registrar, Kutlehr, 1867; Judicial powers granted, 1875; First class powers together with a Sanad for good conduct and morality granted, 1877; offered military service in Afghan war, 1879; won gold and silver medal, 1903. Address: Kutlehr, Kangra, Punjab, India.