The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Lakshminarasu Naidu, Pokala

Lakshminarasu Naidu, Pokala, B.A., Professor of Physical Science,Pachaiyappah’s College, Madras; belongs to a respectable Telugu Velama family; passed B.A., 1882; joined the Madras Christian College as Assistant Professor; joined the staff of the Pachaiyappah’s College, Madras, 1908; Secretary of the Social Reform Association in Southern India; greatly interested in the advancement of education; connected with a large number of Associations, in one capacity or another; Fellow, Madras University since 1909; Member, Faculty of Arts, Madras University; was President of the Conference of the Social Reformers held at Trichinopoly; was Honorary Secretary of the Madras Mahajana Sabha and also of the National Fund and Industrial Association. Publications: The Essence of Buddhism, etc. Address; 367, Mint Street, Georgetown, Madras.