The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Macdonald, Sir James Ronald Leslie

Macdonald, Sir James Ronald Leslie, K.C.I.E. (1904), C. B. (1901); b. 1862; s. of Surgeon Major K. James Macdonald; educ: at Aberdeen University and Woolwhich; entered the Royal Engineers, 1882; served in the Hazra expedition, 1888; in the Uganda Railway Survey, 1891-2; Commissioner, Uganda Protectorate, 1893; commanded the operations there, 1897-8; in charge of British operations at Fashoda, 1896; commanded the Juba expedition, 1898-9; Brevet-Lieutenant Colonel in the China expedition, 1903-4; Commandant of Presidency Brigade, Calcutta, 1905; Lucknow Infantry, 1907; Troops in Mauritius, 1909. Address: Head Quarter House, Mauritius; Club: Junior United Service.