The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Malerkotla, Nawab of; H.H. Mahomed Ahmad Ali

Malerkotla, Nawab of; H.H. Mahomed Ahmad Ali, Khan Bahadur; belongs to a Sherwani Afghan family, some of whose ancestors were in the service of the Emperors of Delhi; b. 1881; succeeded to gaddi, 1908; invested with full powers, 1909; in the time of the Mahratta wars, the Chiefs of this State helped Lord Lake in his campaigns against the Mahrattas, and as a result they were taken under the protection of the British and were guaranteed against the encroachments of Maharaja Ranjit Singh; maintains a force of 600 infantry, 54 cavalry, and 2 guns; is entitled to a salute of 11 guns; contributed Rs. 40,000 towards the expenses of the Indian Expeditionary Forces to the European War; area of the State, 167 square miles; population, over 77,000; revenue, Rs. 7,28,560. Address: Malerkotla, Punjab, India.