The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Mansa, Rawal of; Rawal Shri Takbtsinhji

Mansa, Rawal of; Rawal Shri Takbtsinhji; b. 1877; educ: at the Rajkot Rajkumar College; succeeded to the gaddi, 1889; formally installed with full powers, 1897; area of the State, 27 square miles; population, 15,000; revenue, Rs. 75,000; is 5th in descent from Sursinhji, the original founder of the family; empowered to deal with Criminal cases not involving sums greater than Rs. 20 000 and to take cognizance of and deal with criminal cases where the punishment does not exceed 7 years imprisonment, or a fine of over Rs. 10,000. Address: Mansa town, Mahi Kantha Agency, Bombay Presy., India.